Magen Security System, the leader in Security Alarm Systems and Home Automation in Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario is looking to build long-term business alliances with engineering and building professionals in this region. By partnering with firms offering complementary services, we and our partners can enhance the services we offer our customers and deepen our relationships with them.

Partnering with Magen creates a win-win situation for the partners. And our customers win big too. By cooperating, we get more business and we do a better job. We support each other rather than run each other down. More satisfied customers mean more referrals for all of us.

You will recognize the need to partner with Magen when you have to deal with complex control systems that are not part of your core business. Magen can handle that part of the project and save you the investment in training your staff in programming. Or when your client wants components of Security and Home Automation that you don't deal with. By partnering with Magen you will be able to accept the complete job.


Corporate Office Security & Home Security Systems

Corporate offices are major consumers of security system and automation. Magen Security Systems can design and install the security system and automation for presentation rooms, conference rooms, board rooms, executive suites. We can help you to develop customized automatic solutions for executives and directors that will make their offices models to be emulated by other firms. Whether your client is building a new home or renovating the office floor in his or her business, Magen Security System can help you.

With Magen as your partner, you will know at the design stage, how automation impacts on the design of the home or the corporate offices. In this way you come up with a superior design and with fewer changes afterwards. Wiring and controls can be both concealed and easily accessible for maintenance. Security can be strengthened and made more covert at the same time. The home and office can be secure without looking like a fortress.

We help you provide the client with the clean look that he or she wants. We advise on the location of the fixtures so that they can be totally integrated and totally hidden from view.

Our Core Business

Magen provides integrated security system and automation service. We offer our customers a full service to completely automate and secure any home or corporate office, for every purpose. We design the entire security and automation system, install the controls and wiring, maintain it and provide ongoing support to the homeowner or the facility manager.

Our core business is integrating security and automation subsystems, so that they all combine to work together seamlessly. And that's what the client wants - a house or office that works effortlessly without anyone even noticing it. We partner with other firms to provide the best expertise in each field of security systems and automation.

How do the partners win?

  1. Partnered firms enjoy a better competitive position in the market
  2. We all enjoy larger volumes of business
  3. Our sales and advertising reaches farther, so we all get more for our money
  4. By cooperating on jobs, we reduce duplication of effort, errors and the need for later rework
  5. By cooperating, we deepen the relationship with the client, jointly providing them with services which they might not otherwise purchase.
  6. We concentrate each on what we do best
  7. We avoid territorial wars, so we don't waste money and effort

How do our customers win?

They get an integrated proposal so they don't have to chase around to numerous firms. The interface between the trades is solid; they don't have to worry that something will be overlooked and might fall between the cracks. Projects can be completed in a shorter time. In a partnered service model, we deliver greater customer value

If you engage in any of the trades or professions below, consider partnering with Magen.

  1. Electrical Contracting
  2. Architect
  3. Audio-Visual Services
  4. Home Decorator
  5. HVAC Installation
  6. Home Builder
  7. Motorized Window Coverings
  8. Swimming Pools
  9. Security Services
  10. Landscaping

Interested to become our partners? Call Magen at 416.658.5757