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Clients are asking their architects today about Security Systems and Home Automation and what it can do for them. Call it Smart Home and Security, Intelligent Home and Alarm Systems, Home Automation, High-Tech Home, Home Networking or whatever. Public awareness of the technology and its potential is growing. Your clients need to know what Home Automation and Security System will do for them and how much it will cost, and you have to know how it may affect the architectural design. You need someone to provide you with the answers to their questions and with the Home Automation & Security System Solutions.

Benefits of Home Automation and Security Systems

What does Home Automation offer? For starters convenience: Networking allows you to connect computers, printers and the Internet (HIGH-SPEED or regular modem) without ugly wiring, and share them throughout the house. Home Automation is a major energy saving device to control heating, cooling and lighting of the house according to where people are and what they are doing at any time of the day. Home Automation can save money in many ways. If a home is properly wired, a single VCR can serve television sets in separate rooms or a single stereo system can send different programs to each room in the house. This can save your clients dollars on purchasing and upgrading appliances and help them get more out of their entertainment facilities. For a person with disabilities, Home Automation can improve the quality of life dramatically.

Magen Home Automation has the know-how and the experience to help you. We are authorized dealers of Crestron, Samsung and IBM. We were one of the first firms in Canada to be accredited by IBM as Home Director Systems Integrators. Our firm is one of the most experienced Home Automation designers and installers in Canada.

Magen Home Automation can carry out the home network design required when building or remodeling a home. 

Magen Home Automation offers a free consultation on Home Networking and Automation at the architectural level to provide architects with key knowledge for the preparation of designs and specifications. The consultation describes the elements of Home Networking and Automation and how they may affect home design.

Benefits of Magen Services

Magen is an experienced, reliable and respected firm providing comprehensive Home Automation systems in the southern Ontario area. By working with us, you benefit from our rich experience and from the most professional advice available. We have experience working closely with architects to make homes and businesses as efficient, as automated, as secure and as trouble-free as possible.

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