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Avoiding False Alarms

Customer awareness can play a large part in reducing false alarms.

Magen statistics show that the following are the three major causes of false alarms:

1. Improper use of the system
2. Environmental conditions
3. Equipment failure

Tips to prevent false alarms to maximize your security

  1. Be aware of the delay time allotted to exit or enter your premises when arming or disarming your system. Be sure to exit and shut the door in less than the allotted time or, when entering, to disarm your system before the allotted time has elapsed.
  2. When leaving the house and before arming the alarm system, make sure that all windows are properly latched and all exterior doors are locked. Open windows can result in draughts moving curtains and activating motion detectors, not to mention the fact that they are an invitation to burglars.
  3. If you are installing ceiling fans, air conditioners or forced air heating vents, be aware that they may cause items such as plants, decorations, etc. to move in the view of the motion detectors. This motion may activate an alarm when the system is armed.
  4. Keep existing air vents clear. Plants and other light items in front of air vents may be blown and activate a motion detector.
  5. After a party or other festive event, remove balloons and other decorations which may activate a motion detector when the security system is armed.
  6. Keep alarm sensors free of cobwebs or the presence of insects
  7. Residential customers should take precautions against leaving pets unattended that may pass in front of motion detectors triggering a false alarm. Pets should not be free to roam the house when the alarm system is armed. Place them in an enclosed area before arming the alarm system.
  8. Commercial customers should be concerned about rodents, birds, etc. in a premise, since they may trigger motion detector alarms as well.
  9. Ensure that the electrical breaker supplying power to the system is not inadvertently turned off.
  10. It is the customer's responsibility to regularly verify that all the users of the system have a valid identification card for the system. Also ensure that our service department has an accurate call list for notification of an emergency.
  11. In residences, everyone in the family, as well as regular residents and house sitters, should know how to operate the alarm system and know the code. In commercial premises all shift managers and other responsible persons should have that information.
  12. List the phone number for cancelling police response near the security keypad, so that when  an alarm has been accidentally set off, the response can be cancelled.
  13. Replace your backup battery at least once every three years or call Magen to do it.
  14. Schedule periodic routine checkups of your security system, especially before leaving on an extended absence.

Smoke Detectors

The City of Mississauga reports that in 85% of cases in which a smoke alarm did not activate, it was due to a dead or missing battery/power source. Don't take chances. Replace your batteries twice a year. When switching your clocks to summertime and to wintertime, change your smoke detector batteries too!

If you are in any doubt, call our Service at 416.658.5757 immediately! 

Phone Line Changes

If you have changed your telephone service provider or added or removed telephone lines, or if you have added or installed Voice Over IP or Centrex Service (the kind that requires the addition of 8 or 9 before dialing an outside line) be sure to let us know. If you don't let us know as soon as you have made a change, your security system may not operate in the event of an attempted break-in!

Uninterrupted Electrical Supply to the System

Users sometimes shut down their electrical supply intentionally or accidentally. When the electrical supply is shut down, the Security System operates on the Back-up Batteries. The Back-up Batteries may run down during the power shut down and cause more problems down the line.

IMPORTANT: When the major power source is shut down, the 'Trouble' light goes on, on most panels. If you see this light on, call our Service at 416.658.5757 immediately!

Changes in Key Holders

Let us know when you add a new key holder or remove one from your list.
And update us on new contact telephone numbers. To give you the best possible service, we need this information. Please remember to keep us informed. 

Notify Magen Security Whenever

  1. You plan to remodel or do any maintenance or repair work on your home or commercial premises
  2. When you make any changes to your phone system
  3. When you change your phone provider
  4. When you will be away for an extended period
  5. When you want to test your alarm system
  6. If you think your alarm system is not working properly
  7. Whenever you wish to add or remove keyholders from your list
  8. Whenever you have any questions about your alarm system

Guard response is available at reasonable cost. If you wish to discuss this option please contact Magen Security at 416.658.5757