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Home Automation in a new or renovated home is a stand-out feature. The house equipped with Home Automation is unique and attracts a higher price. Home Automation is enticing to persons of all ages: If the owner has kids, they love the hi tech. If the owners are seniors, they can manage more things by themselves in an automated home. The ones in the middle enjoy the increased comfort, security and ease of living. And all of them love to show off the automation to their friends.

Because Home Automation makes the home more valuable, it is not only easier to sell but also earns you a higher return on the same development.

Magen interacts with the owners and family members to understand their needs and wants, and designs the systems to satisfy and delight them. We collaborate with the architect and the interior decorator to assure that our designs mesh with all their plans. We make things as simple as possible to operate, because that’s what Home Automation is all about. Magen works closely with you, the home builder. We listen to your requirements and take full responsibility for all Home Automation Systems.

During construction, Magen coordinates its work with the various sub contractors. As System Integrators we reduce your supervision efforts. We work with the subcontractors to fit the systems together, eliminating the need to make changes to them later. And once it’s all set up, we instruct and guide the family in the use of the system and make sure that they are happy with everything. Our goal: to delight the home owner with the systems installed.

Put us in contact with the home owner and leave it to us to sell the family on home automation. And depend on us to continue to monitor it all once the family has moved in.

Benefits of Magen Services

Magen is an experienced, reliable and respected firm providing comprehensive Home Automation systems in the southern Ontario area. By working with us, you benefit from our rich experience and from the most professional advice and service available. We have experience working closely with home builders and architects to make homes and businesses as efficient, as automated, as secure and as trouble-free as possible.

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