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Automation can enhance the beauty of your designs so that they may be enjoyed during all hours of the day. Your interiors will charm the eye while home automation silently serves the home owner and protects your designs against damage. The visual pleasure of the decoration is heightened by the luxury of ensconcement in a home which knows exactly what has to be done and does it unobtrusively.   

Motorized Window Coverings

Set all window coverings to open or close automatically according to time, external light conditions or weather conditions by motorizing drapes, shades, blinds, windows, almost anything. Or operate window coverings by remote control when intervention is necessary. Operation of all the motors is smooth, quiet and unobtrusive. Only a slight soothing purr is heard.

Drapes, rugs, upholstery, paintings and other art work retain their rich colours, looking beautiful longer if protected from the sun. Motorized drapes and shades can be set to close or tilt automatically according to the intensity of the sun’s rays, prolonging the life of the fabrics and presenting them in a complimentary, subdued light. And with automatic operation, there is no danger that people will leave their finger marks on the fabrics. The automatic adjustments to window coverings are environmentally friendly, reducing the energy load of the climate controls.

Motorize the projection TV or plasma screen and you can hide it in a wall or ceiling or in a handsome cabinet. And bring it out when you want it, with a tap on a touch screen.

With home automation nothing need interfere with the beauty of your interiors. Automated Illumination

An automated lighting system enhances the beauty of the home and the interiors. At twilight, lights set at appropriate locations automatically go on, gradually increasing in candlepower to illuminate the gardens, the facade and the artistic interiors as darkness falls, creating beautiful effects. Your designs are revealed in all their beauty accentuated by the lighting effects you choose.  


Clean Lines

All controls, sensors, motors and fittings can be hidden from view or set flush with walls, remaining totally inconspicuous, so that nothing encroaches on your designs.

Benefits of Magen Services

Magen is an experienced, reliable and respected firm providing comprehensive Home Automation systems in the southern Ontario area. We have experience working closely with designers to make homes and businesses as efficient, as automated and as secure as possible. And we are happy to keep our panels out of sight.

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