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The installation of surveillance cameras in your business and home will markedly increase the level of vigilance over your property. The sight of cameras in clear view will deter thieves and shoplifters who will prefer to try a less risky target. You can view any part of your property - even a distant warehouse or parking lot - through any TV on the premises, a touch screen or even via the internet from a remote location. With surveillance cameras you can check out suspicious activity without putting yourself at risk and prevent damage or serious loss. When the premises are empty, built in motion detectors in the cameras can activate the video to capture the activity as evidence, while turning on the lights to frighten off the intruders.

Cameras placed around your home, garden and patio will deter intruders and give you ample warning of an intrusion. Cameras around the house will be activated by any movement, and will set off a buzzer to alert the occupants of the house to trespassers on the property. At the same time, the activity in the yard can be viewed on any TV screen in the house. When the doorbell rings, a camera at the door will project a picture of the caller onto your TV screen. For security reasons, a short clip on your VCR may be recorded automatically. When you are at the office during the day and concerned about your children alone at home, you can be alerted whenever there is unusual movement on your property.


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Motion Activated Security Camera

Sure your camera can see what's going on. But does it notice when something strange and suspicious is going on? That's what you really need and that's why you installed cameras in the first place. But because ordinary cameras can't reason and distinguish a routine situation from a suspicious activity, you have people to watch the screens.

The trouble is that watching monitors for extended periods, people inevitably become distracted and vigilance drops. Even looking away for just a few seconds at the critical moment can result in missing the main action. And sometimes the critical event is taking place at the extreme end of the camera's range. So you may have made a big investment coupled with a significant expenditure on guards to monitor the screens, without getting much benefit from the large outlay. But now Magen can make your cameras really smart! Magen's cameras can zero in on suspicious behaviour and actions and draw the attention of your guards by beeping or flashing and by zooming in on the unusual activity. It's like having really watchful dogs all over your property.

Digital Video Recording ( DVR )

A DVR System (Digital Video Recording) surveillance allows you to monitor your business from anywhere on any computer. Magen DVR systems can digitally record up to 3 months of activity and allow you to retrieve archived video instantly. No more videotapes to change, to store and to search. DVR provides superior quality and sharper pictures than tape recorders. With a DVR system you can set a higher resolution to give you the picture quality that you need.

DVR systems store data on hard drives. This saves you the trouble and cost of frequent changes of tapes, saves on storage space, simplifies accessing and makes it really easy to back up your data. And most important, searches are much easier and faster. That's where most of your time goes when checking out a suspicious activity. With hard drives, access is random. You enter the date and time, and any part of the video can be accessed instantaneously. You can skip forward or backward with ease. When watching live video, you can pause and replay even while the DVR continues recording.



MAGEN SECURITY SYSTEM specialists are rigorously trained and certified to help you design the home security of your dreams. Everyone’s view of the New Normal is unique and our home security specialists will work with you to create a security system to match your lifestyle and budget.


You can get started with security system with a little budget. Focus on one solution, perhaps an alarm system set-up for your home, and add on when your interests or needs change. Or go big and secure your entire home. The choice is entirely up to you.

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