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MAGEN Security Alarm Systems is ULC/UL Approved to provide and install security alarm systems of all types, including the high risk AA Alarm standard required by jewelry and financial establishments and others demanding Extra Alarm Security. MAGEN offers alarm monitoring services on its Extra Security Alarm Systems as it does on all its installations. MAGEN's reliable alarm monitoring service provides ongoing protection for your family or business 24/7

MAGEN's Security Alarm Systems satisfy all insurance requirements. Insurers typically offer significant discounts to businesses and homes protected by ULC Approved alarm systems. An Insurance discount may substantially reduce the real cost of your security alarm system.

MAGEN is a leader in the security alarm industry with over 30 years of experience. Our clients include large businesses with multiple sites, large and small single site businesses, as well as many residential installations and schools. No job is too large or too small for MAGEN. Our extensive experience and our ULC/UL approval are your guarantee that you can feel protected with a MAGEN Security Alarm Systems.

Who should have a security alarm system?

With a large number of burglaries, break-ins and home-invasions today, a reliable security alarm systems is a must for every home and businesses. Let MAGEN help you identify the areas in your home or business that are most vulnerable. MAGEN experts will advise you on the best location of alarm sensors and the type most suitable for each location. to maximize your protection. The alarm detectors provided by MAGEN are capable of discerning movement of any type, as well as sensing changes in pressure, sound frequency or in temperature. A MAGEN Security Burglar Alarm System can alert the owner and the monitoring service in real time while producing a loud siren sound to frighten off a burglar or another intruder and to alert anyone in the vicinity. You can feel safe if you are protected by a Magen Security Burglar Alarm System.


Components of a security alarm system

Security Alarm Systems are electronic devices that detect intrusions and attempted instrusions into a protected premise and alert the authorities. They may also activate a sound siren device. The high-end devices that Magen Provides, installs and maintain include:

  1. Motion Detector (to detect movement of any type)
  2. Infrared
  3. Microwave
  4. Vibration detectors
  5. Shock detectors
  6. Photobeams
  7. Sophisticated pressure detectors (to detect pressure changes)
  8. Sound detectors (to detect frequency changes in sound)
  9. Magnetic door/window contacts (to detect an open door or window)
  10. Smoke detectors (to detect fumes)
  11. Heat detectors (to detect temperature changes and fires)
  12. Glass and natural gas leak detectors
  13. Detectors of carbon monoxide level in the air
  14. Detectors for deep freeze temperature deviations
  15. Detectors for low or high temperature deviations
  16. High water level detectors
  17. Panic alarm buttons and calls for help
  18. Siren to produce a loud sound to frighten off a burglar or another intruder
  19. Sprinkler system monitoring

Magen Security Alarm Systems

MAGEN's Security Alarm Systems with dual technologies minimize false alarms. Our pet immune motion detectors allow pets to move around freely, but can detect break-in attempts by burglars and other intruders and so continue to protect you at all times.

MAGEN offers a 24 hour alarm monitoring service to alert the police or fire authoriries whenever any sensor in your system detects an intrusion or indications of a fire and to notify any persons that you designate.

MAGEN Security Alarm Systems can be further enhanced by adding cameras around the perimeter of the home or business or at the cash registers; an access control system to protect againts unauthorized entries into restricted areas; and a theft protection system againts shoplifting. MAGEN is equipped to meet all your security alarm needs.

MAGEN Security Alarm Systems are hard-wired to protect you, because wireless systems can be easily rendered useless. And for added security our systems can detect cuts to your phone line and alert you and MAGEN's alarm monitoring service to the danger...

Among our technologies we offer a "Zone By-Pass" feature. This feature allows you to shut off the electronic protection in some zones when necessary. You and your family or employees can then enjoy unhindered movement within the selected zones, while the rest of the area remains fully armed againts intrusions from outside.

Magen offers precise, reliable dual-technology security alarm systems at low cost with high quality service and support.



MAGEN SECURITY SYSTEM specialists are rigorously trained and certified to help you design the home security of your dreams. Everyone’s view of the New Normal is unique and our home security specialists will work with you to create a security system to match your lifestyle and budget.


You can get started with security system with a little budget. Focus on one solution, perhaps an alarm system set-up for your home, and add on when your interests or needs change. Or go big and secure your entire home. The choice is entirely up to you.

Start planning your security system today and call MAGEN SECURITY at



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